Occlusion Studio Official Website, Creators of Eonar.


Who are you ?

We are Occlusion Studio, a french video game studio founded by Romain Durand, you can find some more informations here !

What are you working on ?

We are working on Eonar!

Where can I follow your work ?

Well you can follow it here, we are planning to do a little blog, but you can also find us on Facebook ! and Twitter !

What is the release date ?

We don’t know yet! We are working as hard as we can on it! But don’t worry, when we will decide about the good date, we will make sure that everyone know.

What platforms will Eonar be available on ?

At the moment Eonar is PC only.

What will the game cost ?

We haven’t decided yet!

Do you have a publisher ?

We don’t! But we are looking for one so if you are interested in helping us, please contact us!

Can I talk about the game ?

Of course! We are a small independant studio so we need you to talk about Eonar!